[No coding] Creating Terrain

Step 1
In this lesson we are going to learn how to create and customize Terrain! We'll also add grass and trees!
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Step 2
Create a new scene or stay on the current scene/project if you have Unity opened.
Step 3
Go to the Asset store tab (next to Scene and Game tab), look up "Nature starter kit 2", download and import this asset.
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Step 4
Right click in the Hierarchy and create a Terrain.
Step 5
The default terrain size is too big, let's size it down in the terrain settings.
Step 6
Make sure Terrain is selected in Hierarchy, then go to inspector (right side of screen)

Click the gear icon, and then change the terrain width and terrain length to 100 for both of them.

Step 7
Now we want a ground texture.

Go to the paint brush icon, Edit Textures, Add Texture, Search "ground", select ground01

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Step 8
Lets zoom into our terrain and see the ground01 texture!
Step 9
Time to raise the terrain! Click on the raise tool icon and click & hold on the terrain to change it.

Uh oh, looks like when you try to edit the hills, it came out as sharp. Until I changed the opacity. "Opacity" means the strength or the softness of this brush.

Opacity at 0 is very soft,
Opacity at 100 is very sharp.

Step 10
Holding down SHIFT and then clicking & holding will lower the hills instead.
Step 11
Try creating a Terrain that looks similar to this one!
Temp1544432098 Temp1544432176

HINT: There are more brush shapes that you can use!

Step 12
The rough sharp hills doesn't look like grass can grow there, let's add another paint texture and paint it ground03
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Step 13
Here's what mines look like
Step 14
Try using the ground02 texture to make a path!
Step 15
What if we want more flat ground but not at ground level? We use the flatten tool for this.

Hold shift and click to get sample height, and click normally to flatten the ground.


Mines looks like this.

Step 16
Next let's try adding some grass. Click on the details icon and click edit Details.
Step 17
Add Grass texture
Step 18
Click on Detail texture and then look for grass01
Step 19
Lastly click Add
Step 20
With grass01 select click and drag on the terrain to create some grass~
Step 21
For grass texture, in Scene(creation) mode, it's frozen, so let's click the play button and then zoom into the grass.
Step 22
OPTIONAL: Click on the settings icon of this terrain and customize your wind settings for the grass!
Step 23
Next let's add tress! Click on the Tree tool and edit trees.
Step 24
Add a tree and select "tree01"
Step 25
Place some trees in your terrain.
Check Your Work
Step 26
Your terrain is done! Let's move onto the next lesson! Before you do, check to see if you need more changes.
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