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Step 1
In this lesson we'll focus on lighting and customizing different types of lights!
Step 2
Create a new scene or stay on the current scene/project if you have Unity opened.
Step 3
The default sky lightning is too bright to test different kinds of light so let's darken everything!
Step 4
Search the Asset store for this skybox package and import it. (8.6mb)
Temp1544564491 Temp1544564641
Step 5
Click Window>Lighting>Settings...
Step 6
Click the browse file button (Looks like a small tiny target circle), and then select nightsky1
Step 7
Change the Intensity Multiplier to 0
Step 8
Close the Lighting window, then go to the Hierarchy and delete the Directional Light
Step 9
Create a plane and some objects on top of it.
Step 10
First we'll create a point light. In the Hierarchy, create a Point Light.
Step 11
The light might appear away or under the plane, make sure to click and drag it on top of the plane.
Step 12
The light icon is a bit too big, let's remove it by going to Gizmos
Step 13
Select the Point Light and change the range to an amount you want. I think around 15 should be good.
Step 14
Change the Light Intensity to 1.5 and make sure it's not too bright for your eyes, if it's too bright then maybe lower.

Move the light upwards until all the objects are lit up.

Step 15
You can also change the color if you like to, I'm going to keep mines at regular white light.
Step 16
Lastly we'll want to add shadows on objects!

Make sure the point light is still selected and this time click on Shadow Type, Choose either soft or hard shadows.

Check Your Work
Step 17
That's it for Point Light, let's see how it looks when you drag the light around!
Step 18
If the shadow is too dark then you can customize it's Strength.
Step 19
Let's move onto Spot Light! This is a self centered light used for street lamps and flashlights.
Step 20
Delete the plane and the spotlight.
Step 21
Import the streetlamp and then put it in the Hierarchy. It's too big so change Scale all to 0.5
Step 22
Right click in the Hierarchy and create a point light.
Step 23
It may appear really far, if the x,y,z position is not 0, right click on transform and click reset.
Step 24
Position and rotate the spotlight so that it's right under the lamp light!
Step 25
Expand the spot light's Spot Angle.
Step 26
It's dark and it's hard to see objects with all these gridlines in our way, so lets turn them off.
Step 27
Move objects into under the streetlamp.
Step 28
Just like with the point light, try to change settings until it looks good for your spot light.
Step 29
Shaders Challenge: Try Changing the shader of the lamp glass to look bright white.
Check Your Work
Step 30
Spot light is done! We'll work on directional light next.
Step 31
Select the spot light and disable it in the inspector as shown.
Step 32
In the Hierarchy, create a directional light.
Step 33
Directional Light in Unity can sometimes be called the Sun light, this light shines everything in your scene!

Give your Directional light a soft or hard shadow.

Step 34
Try rotating the directional light, what happens to the shadows of all objects? When do they all disappear?
Step 35
Animations Challenge: Make a looping animation to make it switch between daytime and nighttime every 1 second.

Hint: A half turn is rotating by 180 degrees, and a full turn is 360 degrees.

Step 36
You have finished this lighting lesson! Click submit to move onto learning using Components!
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