Oil Drop

Step 1
Delete Cat and Paint a new sprite
Step 2
In Vector mode, draw an oil drop
Step 3
Paint a water sprite
Step 4
Start Oil Drop at a random position, top of screen
Step 5
Create clones of Oil Drop
Step 6
Make the drops fall!
Step 7
Center the water sprite and paint new sprite
Step 8
Paint a bucket to catch the oil
Step 9
Draw stick man character
Step 10
Animate stick man
Step 11
Add keyboard controls and start position
Step 12
Catch drops, add score
Step 13
We'll add blocks for when oil hits water
variable name = oil in pond

Step 14
Add lose screen when water is full of oil
Step 15
Switch backdrops when 15 drops get in the pond
Step 16
Code on Oil Drop sprite should look like this:

Step 17
Make the water dirty when the oil falls in

Step 18
Play your game! You can find my version at the link below


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