Part 0: Blender Controls

Step 1
What is Blender? What is it used for?

Blender is a 3D modeling program to create 3D models for Animation movies, 3D games, advertisements, and so much more!

Creating Rigged 3D models in Blender

Creating 3D realistic environments in Blender

Creating 3D objects and props in Blender

Step 2
You can also convert blender projects to use in your other applications!

Blender to Unity!

Blender to 3D Prints!

Step 3
Let's get started with Blender! Look for the orange blender icon and open up Blender.
Check Your Work
Step 4
Blender should open up and look like this.
Step 5
Click anywhere outside the splash image to make it disappear.
Step 6
Since right now [Left Click] is Cancel and [Right Click] is Select, lets switch it back to normal
  1. Click File
  2. Click User Preferences
  1. Click the Input Tab
  2. Click "Left"
  1. Lastly, click Save User Settings
Check Your Work
Step 7
Try clicking objects with your mouse's LEFT click to see if they're selected!

NOTE: There are only 3 objects to select; Camera, Lamp/Light, and the Cube

Step 8
Next we'll get used to the mouse controls! In this course/lesson (and only on this lesson), pay attention to this.

Watching this will help you which mouse clicks are pressed and which keyboard key is pressed.

Step 9
How to Zoom: Scroll the mouse wheel
Step 10
How to rotate view: Click and HOLD the mouse wheel and move the mouse around.
Step 11
How to Pan: HOLD [Shift] and HOLD [Mouse wheel] down, then move your mouse around
Step 12
How to move an object: LEFT click and drag the object

How to let go of an object: RIGHT click while you're holding an object.

Check Your Work
Step 13
Let's Review!

How to Zoom: Scroll the mouse wheel
How to Rotate View: Click and HOLD the mouse wheel, then move mouse
How to Pan: HOLD [Shift] and HOLD [Mouse wheel] down, then move mouse
How to move an object: LEFT click an object and then move mouse

Step 14
That's the end of this lesson! Click on submit and go to the next lesson on Transforming!
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