Part 0: Blender Materials

Step 1
Welcome to Blender Intermediate! We'll be going deeper into blender's painting, coloring, texturing, and photorealism!
Step 2
In this lesson we'll learn how to use colors in blender!
Step 3
If you don't have blender open, find blender and open it.
Step 4
Also open up Unity and create a new project! We'll be doing some examples from blender and importing them.

We will be using Unity every time we are doing a "Check your work" step.

Step 5
Delete the Camera and the Lamp if you haven't done so.
Step 6
Next we'll learn a new tab called material! Click on your cube and locate the material tab just in the video.
Step 7
If you click on the white box under "Diffuse", you can select the color for this object! Pick your favorite color.
Temp1567030247 Temp1567030271
Step 8
But what if we only want to color Parts of the cube and not the entire cube? Here it gets tricky...
Step 9
Give your cube loop cuts using [CTRL + R] that you've learned for all sides of the cube.
Step 10
Create a few new materials in the material window, maybe about 4 more materials.
Temp1567030767 Temp1567030788 Temp1567030810
Step 11
While in Edit mode, look back at our cube and go to Face select mode, select a face, select a material and click assign.

Repeat and do it for the rest of your materials!

Check Your Work
Step 12
Time to check our work, save your project, then export it as an FBX file, and import it into Unity!

First save your project.
Then we click export as FBX, save it anywhere but remember where you save it.
For me I saved it in the Documents folder.

In Unity, click on your cube prefab that you imported, and click on Materials button, then click Extract Materials.

Then you can play around with the cube and try to see if you can change the colors for each part!

Step 13
Let's return to Blender.
Step 14
On your own, can you add another material to this cube for one "Entire" side?
Step 15
You have finished part 0 on blender materials! Click on submit and continue to part 1 on UV Mapping!
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