Part 1: Blender - Bevel Modifier

Step 1
Open up Blender with the default scene and delete the camera and lamp so there's only the cube.
Step 2
Go ahead and select the cube and add the Bevel modifier to it.
Step 3
What a minute... This isn't a cube anymore, what happened?

What bevel does, is that it takes all the corners and edges and rounds it. AKA, making corners "less" pointy.

Step 4
Let's start exploring what the Bevel modifier can do!
Step 5
That's just about it for what it does! This was a short lesson so I'll throw in a challenge. Can you make this?


4 Objects at the center but different Z positions, all has array, curve modifer, and the cube array has the bevel modifier.

Step 6
You are finished with this lesson! Continue onto the next lesson on Boolean Modifier!
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