Part 1: Blender UV Mapping

Step 1
In this lesson we'll learn how to UV Map objects and how to Unwrap them!
Step 2
Open up blender and Unity if you don't have them both open. Then create your own 3D model OR download my 2Cube model.

Click "Download 2Cube.blend" below and open up that file.

Download 2Cube.blend
Step 3
Next we want to create a duplicate window by click and and dragging these corners.

Anything you do to the left side will also happen in the right! And the same if you did things in the right side!

Step 4
On the right window, let's change the Editor mode to Image/UV Editor mode.
Step 5
Now before we jump right into UV mapping. Let's learn what UV unwrapping is.

So we now know how to model and color different parts a single color, but what if we want patterns, images, or something Unique?

So let's talk about the cube. If we were to take each side of the cube and place it all in one piece on a piece of flat paper, how would that look?


From the image above you can see where each side of the cube is located on the small T-shaped cut out!


Here's another example but more complex. We have a mushroom body, a mushroom top, and a mushroom bottom side of the top.

When each of these parts are laid down flat on a piece of paper, it looks like that on the UV unwrap (middle picture).

Step 6
So now we are going to create our own UV Map for our object.

Go ahead and select the entire object in Edit mode, press U and click on "Unwrap"

Uh oh! How come it's just one big piece?!

Well right now Blender doesn't know which parts we want to unwrap it.

Shortcuts Learned:

[U] - While in Edit mode, [U] is for UV Map options
Step 7
We need to cut up our object into many different parts that are separated by "Seams".
  1. If you're not in Edit mode, press TAB to go into edit mode.
  2. If everything is selected (all orange), press A to deselect all.
  3. Select an edge, press [CTRL + E] to open Edges menu, and then "Make Seam"
  4. Do this for every sharp edge or corner. They should appear as red lines.
  5. Once done, press A select your entire object.
  6. Press U, and "Unwrap" to see if it now displays correctly on the right screen!
Temp1567205778 Temp1567206219
Shortcuts Learned:

[U] - While in Edit mode, [U] is for UV Map options
[CTRL + E] - While the entire object is selected in Edit mode, this shows Edges options.
Step 8
[Optional] If you want you can adjust the UV so that it looks better to work with.
Step 9
[Optional] For Complex objects we use regular "Unwrap", but for more simple objects we could use "Smart UV Project".

Warning: If you use "Smart UV Project" on complex objects, the UV may not look right and might have overlapping shapes!!

Step 10
You are finished with this lesson! Click on submit and continue onto the next lesson on Texture painting!
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