Part 2: Blender - Boolean Modifier

Step 1
We've actually learned this before! In the Blender basics we used to this make that cube sphere thing.

So then in this lesson we'll learn even more about booleans!

Step 2
Go ahead and open an empty project with just a cube.
Step 3
Create another cube, put it elsewhere, and make it longgggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg
Step 4
Rotate it a bit and put it on top of the other cube.
Step 5
Now click on the long cube and put a boolean modifier on it.
Step 6
Set the object in the boolean modifier to be the smaller cube and change the operation to difference, hit apply.
Check Your Work
Step 7
To check your work, move the small cube out of the long cube, the long cube should've subtracted the smaller cube!
Step 8
Can you try this for other shapes?
Step 9
Next we'll use the boolean's intersect operation. So delete everything and create two cubes like this
Step 10
Select either of the cubes, use a boolean modifier, select the other cube, switch operation to intersect, then apply
Step 11
What just happened? What does intersect do?

What intersect means is when two objects collide and it will only show the parts where they are touching each other.

Step 12
The last option of Boolean operation is "Union", which is just adding the two objects together to become one.
Step 13
You are finished with this lesson! Click on submit and continue to the next lesson on the Build Modifier!
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