Part 3: Blender & Unity Maps System

Step 1
In this lesson we'll learn how to make things look very realistic!
Step 2
Open up your previous project in Unity.
Step 3
Locate your texture image and remember where you saved it.
Temp1567279426 Temp1567279467

You can also right click it and click "Show in Explorer" to find directly where that file is!


It should open up the folder where it's stored.

Step 4
Now for the fun part! Go to this website and click n drag your image file into the left box!
Step 5
Click the "All" button to download all the maps that it has created for you.
Step 6
Locate these 4 files on your computer, ask an instructor if you need help searching for it
Step 7
Click and drag these 4 files into your Unity project.
Check Your Work
Step 8
Make sure you have these 4 files in your project.

Note: IF they all appear to be black, you may have to tweak settings on the website and re-download all of them again.

Step 9
Click and drag all these maps into the Materials tab of the inspector.
Step 10
Let's really see what those normals look like! Let's see what our object looks like in the dark with lights!
  1. Delete the horizontal light
  2. Lower the light intensity to 0 in the lighting tab. (If you can't find the lighting tab, go to Window > Lighting > Settings) at the Top Unity bar.
  3. Create a Spot light and move it next to your object.
Step 11
Trying creating a detailed scene in Unity! You can also add more custom objects from Blender!
Step 12
You are finished with this course! You know know how to create realistic objects and maps! Congraduations!
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