Part 4: Blender Modifiers

Step 1
In this lesson we'll learn how to use modifiers!
Step 2
First open a new file or have only a cube out.
Step 3
We'll first learn about the boolean modifier, so let's center the cursor and create a UV Sphere, size it a bit bigger

NOTE: This time we're in Object mode, NOT edit mode!!!

  1. Press [SHIFT + C] To center the cursor if it's not already centered
  2. Press [SHIFT + A] and create a UV Sphere mesh.
  3. Press S to resize it just a big bigger than the cube.

We should have two objects on top of each other

Check Your Work
Step 4
In Object mode you should be able to select between the Cube and the Sphere as they are individual objects
Step 5
To apply the boolean modifier, let's select the cube and then add a boolean modifier

We should have something like this on the right side of our screen.

Step 6
In the Object input, there's nothing, so this is where our sphere will go in. Click on the empty panel and select sphere
Step 7
Then we want to change the operation to Difference and click apply
Check Your Work
Step 8
Now check to see if this works! Move the sphere out of the way or delete the sphere.

That's how boolean modifiers work! They subtract shapes or add shapes, or do intersections!

Step 9
Next we'll learn how to use the numpad to do special viewing angles.
Step 10
Let's start with the [Numpad 5] button, this switches between perspective view and orthographic view
Shortcuts Learned:

[Numpad 5] - Switch between perspective view and orthographic view
Step 11
While we're in Orthographic view, we'll press Numpad 7,9,1, and 3 for top, bottom, front, and right view.

We'll need to pay attention to the top left where it shows what view we're in when we press the numpad buttons.

Shortcuts Learned:

[Numpad 5] - Switch between perspective view and orthographic view
[Numpad 7] - Top view
[Numpad 9] - Bottom view
[Numpad 1] - Front View
[Numpad 3] - Right View

Step 12
Next we'll learn the mirror modifier, so let's start a new file or start with a cube again.
Step 13
We'll want to change the view to Ortho and Right view, and then delete the left side of the cube.
  1. Press Numpad 5 to go to orthographic mode.
  2. Press numpad 3 to go to right view.
  3. Press TAB to go into edit mode
  4. Press CTRL + R to do a loop cut down the middle
  5. Left click to finish doing a loop cut
  6. Right click to finish positioning a loop cut
  7. Press Z to switch to wire frame mode
  8. Press B and box select the left vertices
  9. Press DELETE and delete the vertices
  10. Press Z to go back to texture mode
Shortcuts Learned:

[Numpad 5] - Switch between perspective view and orthographic view
[Numpad 7] - Top view
[Numpad 9] - Bottom view
[Numpad 1] - Front View
[Numpad 3] - Right View

Step 14
Now we'll start using the mirror modifier, select your entire cube by pressing A and add a mirror modifier

We should see this on the right side of our screen. With the Axis set to Y, and Clipping is enabled

Step 15
Try creating something funky with the mirror modifier! Once you are done, press Apply.
Step 16
To 3D Print, we need to save our project as .stl, and then ask for an instructor to print your 3D model!
Step 17
You are done with this lesson! Click on submit at the bottom and then continue to part 5 on "Complex Shapes!"
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