Part 5: Blender - Remesh Modifier

Step 1
Open a new blender project with nothing.
Step 2
Next we'll want to add text, so while in Object mode, press Space and Type "Add text", and Enter to confirm.

After adding Text, you'll want to rotate it so that it's facing towards us and not laying flat on the floor.

And when you go into Edit mode by pressing TAB, you can edit the text by typing in whatever letters you want!

Step 3
Once we have your text, next we'll want to convert it to a mesh. Make sure you're in object mode and press ALT + C

After pressing ALT + C, you'll want to select the bottom option "Mesh from Curve/Meta/Surf/Text"

Shortcut keys learned:

[ALT + C] While in object mode with a text selected, to convert the text
Step 4
As you can see, our text mesh has all these crazy triangles so we can't control its mesh properly.
Step 5
So let's fix this with the Remesh modifier! First we'll want to extrude this to make it 3D.
Shortcut key review:
[A] - If any vertices is selected, press A to deselect
[A + A] - If any vertices was selected, press A to deselect, and A again to select all
[E] - To extrude
[E + X,Y or Z] - To extrude along the X, Y, or Z axis

Step 6
Okay! So we're done making it 3D, go back to Object mode and finally attach the Remesh Modifier!
Step 7
We see a blob because it only detects one letter, uncheck this box so that it can detect all detached letters.
Step 8
Lastly we'll want to increase the Octree Dept up to around 8?

It looks just like the same before but what's the difference?

Hit [Z] to view the wireframe of this text mesh, we'll see everything look more blocky than before and not all crazy triangles!

Step 9
This is optional but we can make the text look 8bit or Minecraft style by changing the Mode from Sharp to Blocks!
Step 10
Recap Challenge! Can you create this using some of the modifiers that you've learned?
Step 11
You can also use the remesh modifier on other things besides text! Here is a sphere with a remesh modifier!
Step 12
You are finished with this lesson! Click on submit and continue onto the next lesson on the Screw Modifier!
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