Part 6: Blender - Screw Modifier

Step 1
Open a new project with only a cube.
Step 2
For the screw modifier we'll only need an edge, let's delete some vertices of the cube but leave only one edge!
Shortcut keys review:

[HOLD Select and click vertices] - Selecting multiples vertices or deselect if clicked again

[DELETE or X] - Show the delete menu to delete vertices, faces, or edges
Step 3
With this single line (Edge), add a screw modifier to it!

Then try changing the iterations, Screw value, and Axis to edit how this screw will look!

Step 4
"Iterations" ?

Note: What does "iterations" mean?

Think of it as a loop, how many loops means how many iterations.

If I say one count loop is "1,2,3", then two loops will be "1,2,3,1,2,3".

So then 3 iterations(3 loops) will be "1,2,3,1,2,3,1,2,3"

Step 5
Since we have a screw-like ribbon. Try changing things to that one edge and see the entire screw change!
Step 6
You are finished with this lesson! Click on submit and continue to the next lesson on the Wireframe modifier!
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