Putting your Processing.js Games on a Web Page

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Tutorial on structuring a web project and at the end putting a pjs game in it.

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Add your games to your portfolio website!
Step 1
In this lesson, we'll be showing you how to put your processing.js games you make at MV Code Club on a web page!
Step 2
Make a New Folder and name it something!

In this step, I'm using sublime text.

Step 3
Proper Web Project structure

In your newly created project folder, make a CSS, HTML, JS folder and another folder for images or assets.

Step 4
Make your Index.html file

Make a basic html file using this template and save it as index.html in your project's directory.

We do this by opening up a new file and saving it as an html file.

Check Your Work
Step 5
Website folder structure

Make sure your project looks something like this!
We need one folder each for containing our: html, css(styles), js(scripts), and our images.

Step 6
Open the index file with your favorite text editor!
Step 7
Import the processing.js library.

Add this line of code to the head of your index.html file!
This is how your html file knows that we're using the processing.js library.

<script src="https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/processing.js/1.4.8/processing.min.js"></script>

Step 8
Add the canvas HTML element

Put <canvas id="mycanvas"></canvas> in the body of your html.

To learn more about canvas and how it works, go here

Step 9
Putting your processing.js code into your html file!

Copy/paste this code into your html file's body in order to make a script element that contains a reference to your source code.

Then, copy/paste the code from any processing.js game made at MV Code Club into the sketchProc function.


    var sketchProc = function(processingInstance) {
        with (processingInstance) {


    var canvas = document.getElementById("mycanvas"); 
    var processingInstance = new Processing(canvas, sketchProc); 

Check Your Work
Step 10
Open your index.html file with chrome!

If you open up your index file with chrome, you should see your game in the browser.

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