Roblox Heist: Exploding Traps

Step 1
Create a threatening looking object named "Bomb", and a script named "Exploding Trap"
Step 2
Create a reference to the Player (the parent of this script)
Step 3
Give the script a function named "explode" and connect it to the Touched event for each piece of the player
Step 4
First we check if "collider" is named "Bomb"

Anything can Touch this player, but we only want it to explode if the Bomb touches it

Step 5
If the player touches the bomb, we'll destroy the bomb and set the player's health to 0
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Step 6
Your trap should now kill the player, but it won't create an Explosion yet..
Step 7
Next we'll make use of the built-in Explosion effect Roblox has given us

Using a function named Instantiate we can create these objects

Step 8
Instantiate a new "Explosion" and set it's Parent to the Workspace so it appears in our game

Notice we need to set the position of the explosion...

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Step 9
Now we create an explosion, but the player dies before the explosion can send them flying!
Step 10
Add a very brief wait in-between the explosion being created and the player dying
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Step 11
Now the explosion should send you flying!
Step 12
In the next lesson we'll be making a pair of sliding doors
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