Roblox Heist: What we are building

Step 1
In this course we will be expanding on the idea of an Obby and using some scripting to make a gem stealing Heist game

Players will first enter a Map such as a museum or an ancient tomb

Step 2

Inside there will be small treasures such as these shiny coins

Notice we will be learning to display points in the top-right

Step 3

You'll add some obstacles as well as collectible items such as this keycard

Step 4

The goal will first be to collect the hidden treasure inside

But when the player picks it up it will sound an alarm and set a timer

Step 5

The player will then have to escape to the end of the course before time runs out

We will be learning how to make scripted events such as this policeChase script

Step 6

Your challenge will be to be creative!


Complete all of the lessons so you can learn the concepts but take the time to make this project your own!

Check Your Work
Step 7
In the following lesson we will be making collectible coins!
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