Scrolling Spirals (New)

Step 1
In this lesson, we will be making a cool pattern whenever the mouse is pressed.
Step 2
Create a new project and delete the Cat Sprite
Step 3
Paint a new sprite
Step 4
Draw a square of any color
Step 5
Add this code to the square

This code will make the square follow the mouse and change colors

Check Your Work
Step 6
Test your game

The square should follow the mouse and change colors

Step 7
Add this code to the square

This will create clones when the mouse is pressed. The clones will spin and move left.

Check Your Work
Step 8
Test your game

Click the mouse to see if the clones spin and move.

Step 9
Add some more code to the square Sprite

This will make the clones change color and disappear when they hit the left edge.

Check Your Work
Step 10
Test your game

The clones should now change colors and disappear when they hit the left edge

Step 11
Add this final code to your game

This will make the square clones increase size as they get closer to the top of the screen

Check Your Work
Step 12
The game is now complete!
Step 13
Can you do the opposite?

How can you make the squares get bigger at the bottom instead of the top?

Hint: You only need to change the code from step 11

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