Starfish Choir

About this lesson

Click on the starfish and watch/listen to them sing!

Step 1

Step 2
Delete cat, choose Starfish
Right click on the cat

Step 3
Make 9 Starfish sprites
Step 4
Choose Octopus sprite and "underwater1" backdrop
Step 5
Shrink and reposition Octopus
Step 6
Resize and move Starfish
Step 7
Change the colors of Starfish
Step 8
Add sounds to your first Starfish
Step 9
Add sounds to second Starfish
Step 10
Add more sounds to more Starfish
Step 11
Last of the Starfish sounds
Step 12
Add sound to Octopus
Step 13
Add instructions and done!
Step 14
Play the game! Add more sounds or singers!
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Missing tiny cara


Intro to Scratch: 1st/2nd Grade

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