Underwater - PART II

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Part II to an Underwater tutorial.

Step 1
Step 2
Let's add a new Shark character. He will chase the Scuba Diver!

Go to the Costumes tab and delete the third costume

Step 3
Add this code to the Shark
Step 4
Now we'll make the shark always point and move towards the player
Check Your Work
Step 5
The Shark should now slowly chase the diver
Step 6
Create a new "GAME OVER" backdrop.
Step 7
Find a "broadcast" block and create a new message called "Game Over"
Step 8
Now, add this code to the Shark:
Step 9
Add these scripts to the Backdrop:
Step 10
Add this code to the Scuba Diver AND the Net.
Check Your Work
Step 11
The Diver and Net should now Hide when the shark touches the player
Step 12
You can also add this to the Shark so it disappears when it's Game Over too
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Intro to Scratch: 1st/2nd Grade

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