[Unity] Part 3: Post Processing 1

Step 1
In this lesson we'll learn how to setup Post Processing!
Step 2
To use Post processing we have to import it into our project.

Download this zip, and extract only the Post Processing folder. Then click and drag that folder into your Assets in Unity.


Step 3
Now with Post Processing in our project...

Right click on an empty space in our Assets and create a Post Processing profile. Name this "Profile1" or any name you wish.

Step 4
Then we want to create a Post Processing Volume in our Scene.

Right click on an empty space in the Scene window, and create a Post Processing Volume and place it in the middle of our plane.

Step 5
Our last step for this setup is our Main Camera, add a Post Processing Layer component to our Main Camera!
Step 6
However our Post Processing setup isn't done yet.
  • We need to set a profile for the post processing volume and
  • A custom layer for our post processing layer.

We also need our Post processing Volume's Box Collider to be big enough to surround our area.

Step 7
Post processing setup is finished! Time to add some effects.

To start, let's start with Color Grading.

It looks like we have a problem here! We have to change the Colorspace from Gamma to Linear in Edit > Project Settings > Player > Other Settings > Color Space

Check Your Work
Step 8
After doing this, that warning message should be gone.
Step 9
Now let's set it to a random color.

First you want to activate it by clicking All

Step 10
Now try moving the Track balls around to a different color and see if that did anything!
Step 11
Nothing happens yet because we have to set our volume layer and move our Main Camera into the volume box.
  1. Main Camera's Post Process Layer(script), must have a layer assigned.
  2. The Volume's layer itself must be the same layer that was set in the Main Camera
Check Your Work
Step 12
Divide your Scene view and Game view. And move your Main camera into the volume to see if this works.
Step 13
So in Summary...

Whenever our Camera enters the post processing volume, we will see all these settings.

Step 14
You are almost done with learning Post Processing! In this lesson we learned how to set it up.Next we'll learn the rest!
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