[Unity2D] Running Animation

Step 1
In this lesson we are going to add a running animation when we move left and right!
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Step 2
First we need to learn how animations work. Look back into our sprites folder. We have two types of animation files.
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Step 3
Let's see our player's animation controller! Click on our player and click on the Animator tab.

If the Animator tab is not there

  • Open it by clicking on the window button, then click on Animator. Click back on the Scene tab, select your player, and then click on Animator tab.

  • To move in the Animator window, click and hold the middle mouse wheel and drag it around to find your animations.

Step 4
When we start our game. Our Animation controller starts with the Entry State. And then it moves into the Idle state.
Step 5
Click and drag the Animator tab out to make another view. So we can see both Game/Scene and Animator. Press play.

You can see that the idle state has a playing blue bar that plays over and over.

You can also click and drag a tab outside of Unity to make a whole separate window!

Step 6
In the animator, let's create a new State called "Run". Right click anywhere in the space and create an empty State.
Step 7
Now we want to create a transition from Idle to Run. Right click on idle and Make Transition. Drag the arrow to Run.
Step 8
Right now the Run State doesn't have any animation motion to it. Remember the .anim pieces? We need to create one.
Step 9
So let's create the run animation! Find all the running sprites, select all of them and drag it into your hierarchy.

Click and drag all run sprites into the hierarchy and create a new anim file called run.

  • Click the first one, HOLD down SHIFT and then click the last one to select all sprites between the first and the last.
Step 10
We only want the .anim file (the animation piece), we don't need the run object or run animation controller so delete it
Temp1550429039 Temp1550429406

We are going to use this run.anim file for our playerController animator!

Step 11
Go back to the Animator and click on the Run State. Right now the Motion is None. So click on the circle to add run.anim
Temp1550429493 Temp1550429516 Temp1550429547
Step 12
Click on the transition arrow from idle to Run and Uncheck Exit time, Uncheck Fixed duration,set transitionDuration to 0

This will make changing sprites from idle to run at 0 time. Meaning it changes immediately without delays or wait time.

Step 13
Next we'll create a float variable in the Animator called "speed".
Step 14
Now when do we know when to change from idle to run?

When we are not moving, something is 0.
When we are moving, something is NOT 0.

Is this something our speed* variable in our Animator?
Or is this something our horizontal variable in our Player.cs script?

Can we connect our speed variable with our horizontal variable?


Remember when we are moving, horizontal will be either -1, 0, or 1.

Step 15
For now, we need to reference(or get) our player's Animator. Type this code into your Player.cs script.
Step 16
This is how to get our player's animator and then store it into our Animator variable called "playerAnimator"
Step 17
Now we can connect our "speed" (from Unity's Animator) with "horizontal" (from our Player.cs script) with SetFloat().

Type this into your code.

Step 18
Here's what it looks like on how this is connected.
Step 19
What does Mathf.Abs() mean? We take the Absolute value of something. Meaning "Always" make something positive.

Since our horizontal is always going to be between -1 and 1, speed always be between 0 and 1, since -1 also becomes 1

Step 20
Go back to Unity, click on the transition from idle to run, and add a condition with the speed variable.

Put 0.01 into the the speed variable field.

So we now go from "idle" to "run" if our speed is greater than 0.01.

Step 21
We also need to return back to idle if we are not running. So make another transition from Run to idle.
Step 22
Click on the Transition line from Run to idle, first we need to remove exit time, fixed duration and transitionDuration
Step 23
Now we need another condition where "speed" is less than "something".

Remember from step 19 that speed can only be between 0 and 1. So the number here cannot be a negative number and it cannot be 0.

Hint: Check what we typed for step 20

Check Your Work
Step 24
Now it's time to check to see if this works! Go back to Scene or game view and click play to try it out!
Step 25
Does the Run animation look a little too slow? Do you remember how to change the frame rate of an animation?
Temp1550436820 Temp1550436787
Step 26
Now our player looks too fast for it's speed. Let's adjust the speed from the Player.cs script component.
Step 27
Change your speed to where it looks right on your sprite. I set mines to 20.
Check Your Work
Step 28
Test your game again and see if it looks right! Opps! Poor dog! We'll fix this in the next lesson.
Step 29
Let's also fix your player's gravity. Right now the player falls like a feather, we should be falling faster
Step 30
We can adjust the player's gravity by changing Gravity Scale on the Rigidbody 2D to a higher number. Mines is 5.
Check Your Work
Step 31
Your player should now fall faster!
Step 32
You are finished with this lesson. Click submit at the bottom and continue onto the next lesson!
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