Variables in Minecraft

Step 1

Variables are pieces of information we tell the computer to store

They can be:
  • set - assigned a value
  • read - use the value inside them

Step 2
Create a message variable

A variable is created by using the var keyword and giving it a name

Step 3
Assign a value to your variable

We assign a value to a variable by using an = between the variable and value;

The variable being assigned a value goes to the left

The value goes to the right

Step 4
Add a function to set our message to a new value
Step 5
Set message to the value passed to the function
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Step 6
Set a new message!
Step 7
Add a function that fires when an entity (creature) is damaged
Step 8
Create a variable to store the entity (creature) associated with the event

creature is a variable that stores the entity which received damage

Step 9
Check if the damaged creature is a player
Step 10
Output our message to the damaged player
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Step 11
Fight a spider
Step 12
We will now make a series of functions to create and control explosions
Step 13
Choose a power level for the explosion we will be creating

This number must be smaller than 50

Step 14
Create a function to set the value of loc to your current location
Step 15
Step 16
Create a function to set a new value for power
Step 17
Create a function to set world to a new value
Step 18
Create explosions!
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Step 19
Set a power
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Step 20
Set a location
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Step 21
Set a world
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Step 22
Cause an explosion!
Step 23
That's it!

You now know about Variables

Variables in Minecraft Info


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