Witch Shooter (New)

Step 1
In this lesson we will be making a game with a witch who tries to shoot apples
Step 2
This is the Game you will make:
Step 3
First we'll make a blue sky backdrop

Click the Stage button to make it highlight blue

Step 4
Then click on the Backdrops tab in the top left corner
Step 5
Then click the Convert to Bitmap button
Step 6
Finally choose a blue color for the sky, click the paint bucket tool, and click on the canvas to turn it all blue
Check Your Work
Step 7
The game screen in the top right should look like this now:
Step 8
Delete the cat sprite by clicking it and pressing the little "X" in the top right
Step 9
Now hover over the sprite button in the bottom left and click on the paintbrush icon
Step 10
Change the name of the sprite to "Clouds"
Step 11
Click on the costumes tab and the Convert to Bitmap button (if you see it)
Step 12
Choose the color white
Step 13
Click the "Circle" button and make sure the "Filled" option is selected
Step 14
Drag and drop to make a circle

Group a few together to make a cloud

Step 15
At the bottom left, hover on the cat and click the Paintbrush icon to create a new costume
Step 16
Repeat steps 14 and 15 three more times, to create four different cloud costumes
Step 17
Click the Code tab in the top left corner
Step 18
Now, add this code to the cloud sprite.
Check Your Work
Step 19
Test your game

It should look like we are flying through different set of clouds

Step 20
Find an image that you want for the player and save it to the computer

If you want the witch I'm going to use then Right Click the image and press Save Image As


Then press the Upload Sprite button and choose the downloaded image

Step 21
We need to make the player start on the left side of the screen and be a decent size

Change the x, y, and size parameters until the player looks like below:

Step 22
Add this code to the Witch sprite

This will make the witch move up and down using the arrow keys

Step 23
Use a "pick random" block to make the witch randomly move up and down

This creates a jitter effect to help make her look like she's flying.

Check Your Work
Step 24
Test the game to see if you can move the witch with the UP and DOWN arrow key
Step 25
Add a new sprite of an arrow
17 23
Step 26
Add this code to the arrow sprite. (This code makes the arrow go to where the witch is).
Step 27
Let's add more code the arrow sprite. (This shoots arrow when the mouse is pressed).
Step 28
Add a new sprite of an apple

Look at Step 25 to see how we added the arrow sprite if you need help.

Step 29
In the costumes tab of the apple, create a duplicate costume of the apple and edit it to look split in half.
Check Your Work
Step 30
You should now have two apple costumes!
Step 31
Add this code to the apple. The apple should glide up and down!
Step 32
Create a new variable. Call it "Score".

Go to the Data tab and then select Make a new Variable:


Name the variable Score and press OK:

Step 33
Awesome! Now add this code to the apple:
Step 34
Great! Your game is complete! Be sure to try it out.
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