What do you teach?    
At MVCodeClub, we teach a variety of platforms and lessons including MIT Scratch, Javascript, Unity, Arduino and more.  See all of our platforms.

Do you use a specific curriculum?
We use a combination of tools based on the needs of ours students.  For certain platforms, we've found using existing tools works best, like CodeAcademy.  However, most platforms have inadequate or incomplete tutorials so we have built a large library of lessons for our students.


My child has already done [Scratch / Javascript / Arduino etc]. Is this still a good class for him/her?
Yes! Each student is tracked individually, and works on a variety of platforms. Our instructors will work with your student and family to provide instruction that is appropriate for their experience level and desired.

Don't I have to pick a technology or platform for this class?
No - in fact it's better not to. Schedules are grouped by age / peer group. Friends can work at the same time, but on different things. We have an extensive database of lessons and individualized tracking on what is appropriate for each student.

My child really wants to work a specific project or technology.  Can you help him?
Yes!  Have them bring it in, and we can work on it together.  We try not to limit ourselves and are excited to help you student explore new platforms and technologies.

Can we access the program at home?
Yes!  In fact, the program is designed with that in mind.  Most students who come into MV Code Club spend a good amount of time working on their lessons at home, that way we can help them w/ bugs in class.  

Class Structure

When are classes held?
During the school year we offer scheduled classes on weekdays and drop-ins on fridays and saturdays.  Families must enroll in a 8 week session to attend weekday classes.  During summer & winter breaks we typically offer drop-ins on Mon - Sat.  

How many students/staff per class?
Class sizes range between 6 - 10 students depending on age group.  We always maintain at least a 4:1 student/staff ratio.  

My child is a beginner.  Is that a problem?  
Absolutely not.  Students work on their own self-paced lessons with their own computer.  The experience of their fellow classmates will not affect them either way.  

How do you track their progress?
Instructors write notes on each student’s progress and future learning goals at the end of every class.  Students also keep a “Devlog” of their progress/bugs and take screenshots which are emailed to parents each week.      

Payment and Pricing

How much does it cost?
View our pricing page here.

How do I reserve a weekly class?
You must purchase a Membership (MVCoder, Flex, or Unlimited).  

Do you offer any discounts?  
We offer a referral discount and a sibling discount.  If you refer a friend and they become a member, you will receive a $100 credit towards your account.  

Do you offer scholarships?
Yes, Scholarships page for

Free Trials

  Do I need to make a reservation?  
Yes.  You can make a reservation by creating a family account through our website.

When can I make a reservation?  

How long will their free trial last?

Do I need to be there for the free trial?  

What should they bring?

Where are you located?
Our club locations can be found here.

Can they bring a friend?
Yes!  Coding is even more fun with a friend! 

Still have a question?  Contact us at