Aaron's Favorite Lesson and Coding Tips!

Coding tips and tricks from our Lead Instructor, Aaron Jauregi!

Since 2016 Aaron has been a Lead Instructor with MVCode teaching students at our San Mateo, Redwood City, and Mountain View locations. Today, Aaron runs our virtual coding program with his fellow Lead Instructors, teaching students everyday of the week virtually! Aaron has spent many years creating and collaberting on many of MVCode's lessons but his favorite lesson is the Tower Defense lesson. Here is what Aaron had to say about this lesson:

"The Tower Defense lesson is my favorite because it's based on a game I used to play a lot called Bloons Tower Defense. It also features using class objects, HTML objects, and trigonometry which are some handy tools I enjoy using in my projects."

Aaron's Favorite Lesson

This week's tip from Aaron for all of you coders is this:

"Try to make your code versatile and non-redundant. Make functions for reusable code and use class objects to hold specific functionality."

Stay tuned for more tips from Aaron and our other Lead Instructors!