Digital Design Classes with Dimitri!

Learn more about our amazing Digital Design Instructor, Dimitri Zampathas!

Hello MVCoders!

I am Dimitri, and I lead the design and applied digital art class for MvCode! Since 2019 MVCode has had a Digital Design class that was taught at only a few locations but now with the power of Livestream we can have all of our students experience this great class! For those of you who do not already know me, let me tell you about myself, my work, and the great work of my students!
"Desert" by Dimitri

In the midst of finding my personal niche in the art/design/animation field, I have explored many facets of the field and I love being able to provide guidance to developing artists and designers. So far I have done storyboards for children’s tv, 3D modeling and animation for short films, video games, environmental concept art, user design, commercial design applications, and even robotics as an art medium.

In my classes, students will develop skills to create with intention, discuss their choices with their peers, and build the tools to develop their drawing and observation fundamentals.

Check out this student showcase and our latest Infinite Door project to see what we are working on!

The Digital Design class focuses on art and design for students of every experience level and runs on Mondays and Tuesdays starting at 3:30 PM. Please email us at for more information or to schedule a free trial!