Position Name Description
1 Neophyte Neophytes are brave young explorers. Just getting started with coding, Neophytes approach technology with an open mind. They are fearless natives in a digital world.
2 Hacker Hackers like to make things... and break things! They explore the digital world with adeptness and curiosity. They will surprise you with their ingenuity and energy.
3 Coder Coders are builders and thinkers. Deeper understanding of multiple subjects helps them to be creative. Coders collaborate with friends and take control of their world.
4 Developer Developers are literate in coding and robotics. Both creative and analytical, and can solve problems independently and help others. Developers are digital citizens with the skills and power to change the world.
5 Developer 2
6 Developer 3
7 Developer 4
8 Developer 5
9 Developer 6

About Ranks

Ranks are a key part of learning and improving at MVCode

Students are regularly evaluated for progress.

Students can improve their rank by learning new skills, completing projects and demonstrating understanding of concepts.

Ranks are based on the MVCode Curriculum, which has been used by thousands of students in hundreds of schools and clubs.