MVCode Reviews

Super motivating and inspirational for the kids - they came home each night and wanted to take on the challenge assignments. Sounds like the MV Code instructors did a great job with teaching!

Tamiko Katsumoto

My daughter came home every day from coding camp excited about what she learned that day

Susan Krauss

The instructors were friendy and organized. You offer early care. The girls learned a lot, Seemed happy every day, got outside and you have a lunch option!

Jamie Moffett

Great teachers, content, sense of accomplishment and fun!

Lauren Pitts

Fantastic experience in every way!!! The instructor is amazing, the schedule is fabulous - work,play, work,play... and it is amazing at what our child learned and how excited she was each day to go to camp and so proud of what she created! We will definitely come back and share with others!

Susan Cohen

Very well organized, fun and learned a lot!

Jeanne Leinwand

Our son loved it!

Nancy Kallusch

Fun,educational and one of the best camps

Margaret Errington

My son really enjoyed it.

Lilian Lynch

Our son James has *loved* his two summers at MVCode - I think it's pretty clearly been his favorite camp each year. It's great to see him so passionate and excited to do more!

Peter Delevett

My 2 boys, ages 10 and 12, had a great time and learned a lot. Thank you!

Lisba Brandt

My kid loved it and learned a lot.

Staica Wells

Great staff, inclusive environment

Gavin Erezuma

My daughter learned a lot and enjoyed the class. Much better than Galileo camp.

Jeff Neugebauer

Friendly and helpful staff. My child is learning a lot and seems to enjoy it.

Roslyn Hernandez

Nate learned a lot at camp, and really enjoyed it. He wants to do more coding.

Linda Bel

Great instructor. Great content. Great communication.

Edie Kissko

My girls loved it!!! They can't wait to continue learning more. Plus, all the staff are super friendly and they teach the kids at their own learning level and speed.

Elizabeth Furukawa

I’m pleased with my daughter’s learning experience and every kid should learn to code.

Jeff Neugebauer

Love it ! And my son does too!

Flora Stepansky

Derrick and the staff at Redwood City MVCode were great! Christian loved the camp!

Jill Dikun

Nikita really loved the camp and wants to sign up for more

Tatiana Degai

Best program ever!

Douglas Tarr

This is all about my kid, and how much he looks forward to coming to mvcodeclub. When he was introduced to Unity, he couldn’t hardly wait to come back the next day. I recommend mvcodeclub because it gives him an excellent opportunity to work through problems. Coding is in my kid’s wheelhouse, that’s why he likes it. But he also really likes the instructors, and the format that encourages independence. That’s what makes mvcodeclub great.

Sarah Brewer

Victoria LOVED her Unity camp this week - a perfect mix of social interaction, technical challenge and a lot of fun. She very much enjoyed programming in unity.

Lorna Harding

Staff is very friendly, excited and patient. This is first camp my son didn’t complain about.

Monique Uhlberg

Always a great experience. The counselors are extremely helpful and nice. The kids have fun and learn a lot in the process. The counselors make sure the games the kids play during recess and lunch are inclusive which is amazing.

Houda Silcock

Michael loved camp last week and learned so much. He gained confidence on the computer and also had a blast with his friends.

Laurie Betz

Instructors/staff are very professional, yet friendly and try to give the child a good, challenging experience, regardless of the experience level. My son loves going to this camp, and seems to improve his skills every time.

Dori Beer

Unlike all other coding experiences, MVC built strong interest immediately.

Mark Weiss

It's an amazing program! We are very excited that our 8-year old girls are learning Java Script.

Andrea Chavez

This club has helped build my daughter's confidence and deepen her love for math. She has been coming here since it opened and is now in 8th grade.

Colleen Kelly

My kids love the classes. I love that they can go through the lesson at their own pace and also focus on what they are most interested in.

Mura Schneider

I think you guys are awesome and kids loves to go to the classes.

Sarah Ma