Online Safety For Kids


Preparing your Child for a Digital World

  • Teach children how to make good decisions and not be afraid
  • Avoid “Technology Solutions” to human problems
  • Keep computers and tablets in a public place
  • Ask them who they are talking to, and what they are doing
  • Engage in their online world - sit with them, ask questions, focus.

Computer Security Tips for Parents

  • Install an AdBlocker such as UBlock Origin
  • Use a password manager such as LastPass or Dashlane
  • Use 2 Factor Authentication on your Mobile Device
  • Avoid Yahoo Email addresses

Social Media and Gaming

  • Minecraft:
    • Use safe servers (such as
    • Avoid downloading mods / plugins on your computer
    • Set up your own whitelisted server for $2.50 / month
    • Most free to play games on mobile devices use in-app purchases
    • Disable or monitor in-app purchases / micro-transactions on your device
  • Many apps have social networks like Instagram or SnapChat
  • Prefer “private” social networks such as email, skype, or discord

Protecting Your Online Identity

  • Don’t tell your real name on chat forums
  • If your child has a Email account:
  • Auto-forward all mail to your account
  • Avoid commenting on YouTube videos