Intro to Coding 2th-4th @ Saint Frances Cabrini School

About Intro to Coding 2th-4th

This class is held at Saint Frances Cabrini School

Do you love playing video games? Ever wanted to build your own? We’ll teach you to use block based language to build an exciting top down game where you can uncover hidden items, solve
challenging puzzles, and battle your way through waves of enemy characters. Along the way,
you’ll learn fundamental computer science concepts including loops, conditionals, boolean logic,
message passing and variables, using an intuitive and beginner-friendly interface.
This course is taught by a team of experienced coders from a variety of backgrounds, and
designed for newcomers with little to no previous coding experience. Let the games begin!
Students who have been previously enrolled can continue their progress.

Class Info

# of Days Grades Starts Ends Times
9 days 2 to 4 01/14/2019 03/25/2019 3:15 PM To 4:30 PM



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