Tues 5:00 All Ages in SF Class Schedule: Summer 2019 at San Francisco

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Our staff will work with you to find the best schedule for your child.

Call us at 415-569-2112 or email us at info@mvcodeclub.com


Tuesdays at 5:00 pm

1 hour 30 minutes

1st - 10th


How it Works

What do we teach?

At MVCode, we teach a variety of platforms and lessons including MIT Scratch, Javascript, Unity, Arduino,

Don't I have to pick a technology or platform for this class?

No - in fact it's better not to. Schedules are grouped by age / peer group. Many students come with friends they know, and all students make new friends!

The most important thing for younger students is to get excited by the possibilites of coding.

Friends can work at the same time, but on different projects. We have an extensive database of lessons and individualized tracking on what is appropriate for each student.

How is it structured?

Our program is a hybrid of project-based learning and traditional tutorials.

New students learn skills by progressing through a series of courses.

As they advance, they are encouraged to work on individual projects and more interdisciplinary work.

My child has previous experience. Is this still a good class for him?

Yes! Each student is tracked indivually, and works on a variety of platforms.

Our instructors will work with your student and family to work on the best projects for them.

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